18. október 2008

car for sale

1986 Toyota Corolla with 206k miles on it. Asking $400 or best offer. It has been a champ the past 4.5 years I've owned it. (Has it really been that long? wow!)

Canon Pics 002.jpg

Canon Pics 001.jpg

Canon Pics 004.jpg

Canon Pics 003.jpg

The main problem is that it doesn't pass Hamilton County emissions, so we can't renew the tag. If you live outside Hamilton County, it shouldn't be a problem.
-AC doesn't work (should be fixable, I've never bothered), but heat works great
-4 new tires in the past 2 years
-fresh oil change
-just replaced the battery and the windshield wipers (today!)
-Has a few quirks, but once you know the tricks, they aren't a problem

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